How to Participate in A Challenge

Congratulations on Deciding to Participate in a Challenge. Challenges are a fun way to get to know the writing community, build your base and stretch your mind. They are not contests, not meant to stress you out, and not mandatory. If you can post every day, that's amazing. If you get behind and post three days together, that's okay. If you skip days here and there, that's fine too. Key word is FUN.

How to participate:

  1. Follow the prompts and instructions

  2. Read all instructions thoroughly

  3. Do what the prompt says

  4. If it says Favorite color post about your favorite color

  5. Interpret as you wish. For example, if your favorite color is yellow, post a yellow background and poem about dandelions. Or post a picture of something yellow and just write “yellow is my favorite”

  6. If the prompt is to write a haiku, write a haiku on any subject

  7. If the prompt is to write a story in 100 words about cats. Write 100 word story about cats- anthropomorphic cats, barn cats, pampered cats, dumb cats.

  8. Post the response on your feed.

  9. In the comments section:

  10. Tag the promoter of the challenge. In my case @womenwhowritearedope

  11. Use the required hashtag- for July #wwwadjulychallenge

  12. Follow that hashtag so you can see other community members’ posts

  13. Use any other hashtags that you desire

  14. If your security settings are very private, the rest of the community will not see it.

  15. Like, comment and share on other members’ posts. No limit or minimum, but try for at least three a day. Constructive, kind comments only.

  16. This is how you get to know the community.

  17. This is how the community gets to know you

  18. Look for posts with no comments

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